COM 425 Week 1 Quiz - ASH Work

COM 425 Week 1 Quiz - ASH Work
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  1. The tendency to sugar-coat upward communication is known as the
  2. Which of the following is NOT a principle of communication
  3. New communication technologies and social media should not replace __________ channels of communication but, rather, should offer __________ channels of communication
  4. When playing softball, two rooky firefighters discuss their fire station. This would be considered __________ communication
  5. Noel is a natural at sharing information and developing networks among his coworkers and the groups within his company. Which term does NOT describe Noel
  6. Ming is a physical therapist who burns a scented candle in her office to help her clients relax. This practice could be called any of the following EXCEPT
  7. Luke is a teacher, a co-worker, a father, and a friend. Each of these roles demands a different set of
  8. The recipient of a communication is most likely to fully understand its meaning if the message is
  9. Nodding vigorously is an example of the _________ nonverbal communication system
  10. The meanings we create for new messages are automatically compared to and combined with __________ meanings