BUS 307 Week 4 Quiz - ASH Work

BUS 307 Week 4 Quiz - ASH Work
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 BUS 307 Week 4 Quiz

  1. Given the forecast and booked orders shown in the table, and a beginning inventory of 20, what is the available to promise inventory for the first period? There are no LOT quantity constraints.         
  2. Last month a firm made 100 model A's using all of their available labor. If they have already taken orders for 150 model A's for next month, then their planning value must be 1.5
  3. Since the booked orders figure represents actual customer demand in a master schedule, that value is always less than or equal to forecasted demand.
  4. Sales and operations planning must consider
  5. A company has a sales forecast for the following five months as shown in the table. If they have a beginning inventory of 100 units, what amount should be produced under a level plan in order for them to have an ending inventory of zero units at the end of the five month period?
  6. A hospital’s biomedical repair shop uses a 4-week periodic system to maintain the inventory on the blood pressure cuff repair parts. They use an average 40 adult arm cuffs with a standard deviation of 6 cuffs every four weeks. Cuffs aren’t the most critical item they carry, but the manager would like to avoid the embarrassment of a stockout at least 95% of the time. What should their restocking level be.
  7. Using this MRP record and a lead time of 3 weeks, what should the planned orders be in week 1?
  8. Which of the following statements regarding master production scheduling calculations is best?
  9. Which of these conditions is NOT necessary for the economic order quantity model to be valid?
  10. Which step comes first in sales and operations planning?